About Involt

Involt believes in the power of a good picture. Our work is driven by our love and passion for photography and a delight in quality. Our objective is to create natural, spontaneous and vivid imagery that tells a story and optimally build the story into a campaign. Many years of experience, solid training and a wealth of ideas are the sources from which we draw the creativity of our work. Involt is a network of specialists operating in the field of photography. Together we create products and services that are designed to capture our clients’ imagination. Our network is small, smart, local and international. We work on our joint projects with enthusiasm and passion. The expertise of Involt includes image creation, the production of images and also the implementation of these images in a corporate identity.

Photographer and managing director

Photography and creativity are the centre of his life. With his images, Alex Urosevic creates a visual identity for himself and others. He is internationally active and has established a reputation as a renowned photographer in the field of product and portrait photography. Alex Urosevic grew up in Basel. After completing his high school education here, he discovered his passion for everything visual and eventually studied photography in Italy. After seven years in Milan and New York, he returned to Basel, where he has worked as a photographer and consultant for visual communication for the last 15 years. Since the beginning of 2018, he has been operating in Basel with his agency Involt and his own photo studio.

Alex Urosevic
Photographer and managing director

Involt – an idea that is growing

The Involt network builds on many years of collaboration with specialist partners. It can be tailored entirely to the needs of the client. We will recommend a partner depending on the task in hand and the scope of the project. We are always open to new and interesting cooperative ventures. And we are also happy to develop individual solutions for you. We also undertake the coordination and implementation of projects, making sure the cost structure remains transparent and manageable. Our fixed network partners can be found here in the summary.

Digital media - design

Our partner Yenz.com stands for digital projects which appeal to users visually, emotionally and also in terms of their content, and which are designed to bring pleasure. Based on 17 years of expertise in UI/UX design, information architecture and interaction design, Yenz.com designs interfaces that combined functionality and efficiency with an appealing design vocabulary. Aside from his freelance activities, our partner teaches at universities and organizes workshops on interface design and prototyping.

Website the Schwabenkinder

App interface design and brand development brandbites

Interfacedesign Website www.nols.edu

Free project: OSX Desktop-Icons

Product design - prototyping

Do you have a product idea and need help implementing it? Do you want to optimize an existing design or do you need to give an innovative boost to your product range? CORE AG Design Works is the platform for innovative design concepts and their targeted implementation. The company’s many years of know-how and a wide network of specialists make it a reliable partner when it comes to product development. It guarantees stringent and cost-conscious implementation, from the very first sketch to the engineering of complex production tools – all from a single source.


Product design plastic bottle
CORE AG Design Works
Photo: Involt

Design & Implementation
CORE AG Design Works
Photo: Involt

Cardboard packaging with bending seam
CORE AG Design Works

Corporate design and trade fair appearance
CORE AG Design Works

IoT Button for the Swiss Post
CORE AG Design Works
Photo: Involt

IoT Button for the Swiss Post
CORE AG Design Works
Photo: Involt


The goal pursued by the agency media-work for 10 years is to provide simple, clear and comprehensible communications. The work of this agency is mostly about presenting complex PR content in simple terms for clients from industry, education and science, for associations and for public sector organizations. The main areas of focus in its work include consulting & concepts, text & research, media work & public relations. A team consisting of experienced internal communications professionals and PR specialists, as well as external graphic designers, infographics specialists and animation designers brings the client’s ideas to life. 

Lucerne South - visualization, texts, PR for a new district

Flyer on sustainability for HEINEKEN Switzerland

Presentation of the Swiss educational landscape with an infographic

Packaging Design - Graphic Design - Illustration

All good things come in two. More specifically: Schwarzhochzwei in German stands for black in the square. Because what the two designers are working on in their St. Gallen studio is surprising, arouses curiosity at the point of sale and animates to buy. From the first draft through adaptation and implementation to the final artwork, the two designers work with a lot of passion and team spirit with their customers. Whether for a single product or an entire range: working with Schwarzhochzwei for packaging and graphic design projects, means bringing your products to the consciousness of consumers - and in their shopping carts.

Bermontis - Logo development and packaging design including illustration silhouette - Photo: Involt

Gift packaging for Schubiger household appliances - graphics and die-cut construction - Photo: Involt

Development of folding boxes without gluing, material determination and prepress - Photo: Involt

Valora - Logo development for communication of «regional products»

Bufis - Concept, design and illustration of the new sauces range

Avela - Concept and design of the Coop stockings range Avela - Photo production: Involt


Involt works with various freelancers on a regular basis for styling, hair & make-up, food design, set construction and so on. They add the perfect finishing touch to the image depending on the job in hand. If you contact us, we will be happy to put you in touch with our artists.

Photo team

Only a well-functioning team creates convincing work