How Involt works

Involt produces high-quality photography – and everything that goes with it. We are the interface for any questions that arise among those involved in the production of professional images. We undertake the entire project management involving the image. What is crucial for the success of a project is that its entire complexity is fully understood beforehand. From this appreciation follow the planning, execution and stewardship of the process through to the finished product. It is also important to have the right team. We help to find the most suitable people for the project.

Project for

Our task was to realize the new leather bags of the 2017 collection for the launch campaign. At the same time we photographed the bags and other leather accessories for advertising and webshop. A great collaboration with the designer.

Product photos of the leather bags collection 2017

Photo shoot for the launch campaign of the bags

Product pictures for the webshop

Project with Schwarzhochzwei for Coop

Coop Avela own brand of hosiery packaging: in this project we cooperated with the creative agency and customer in an advisory capacity for the image concept. Afterwards we organized the photo production and realized the photos for the complete 2018 collection and novelties. High-end edited images were delivered for printing.

Photo shoot with customer and agency.
New hosiery collection 2018.

Moodboard and briefing for the photo shoot

For packaging only the neckline of the legs is needed.
We photograph the articles on the model.

Image editing for the final design
and artwork is prepared for the print prepress process of the packaging.