Product photography

Product photography comes from classical commercial photography: a given object or in this case a product is visually captured in order to present it in various media. In the case of our product images, the object is the star. Our primary aim here is not to elicit emotions, but to portray the object aesthetically and precisely.


Portrait & people

With our portrait photos, we focus on people either alone or together with products. A photo shoot of this kind may be held at various locations. On request, we enhance the imagery ideas elaborated beforehand with outfits and make-up, which are worked out with stylists and the team and are matched to the overall concept.

Image consulting & concept

A good picture starts out with a persuasive idea. Once this has been formulated, we research the background and work on a precise briefing. From this we develop a concept in which the imagery, ideas and elements are defined. With a concept established and developed in this way, we start photo production and then finally complete the processing of the images.

Image Concept - Autumn

Search ideas




Photo studio and photo shooting

At a central location in Basel, we have a professionally equipped photo studio with several workstations. In an area of 200 m2 we can do both small photo shoots and large, complex photo shoots. At the same time, the studio serves as an inviting location for developing ideas together. But we are also happy to do photographic production work on-site at the client’s premises.

The professionally equipped Involt photo studio

200m2 area with several workplaces

An inviting location to develop ideas together.

Photo shoot on location

Photo shoot on location

Photo shoot at the customer site

Image processing

We are specialists in photo and beauty retouching. Image processing is an integral part of our quality standards. We do classical photo retouching, create persuasive image compositions and process images for use both online and in print.

Final picture

Image processing

Image composing - Items are photographed in the studio. Model, decor
and existing outdoor shot are assembled to a finished image.

Image composing - The finished picture

Creative editing - drops of water are mounted on the photographed glass

Free photographic projects

Our passion and love of photography are a constant part of our life. We regularly produce little illustrated stories and reports that give an insight into our daily routine, the way we think and work.